popular finishes of 800x1600mm slab tiles

Installing the ideal tile finish for the space is important to give it an upscale appearance. It is every home owner's dream to make his home aesthetically pleasing in every nook and cranny.

The 800x1600mm slab tiles are really ideal floor tile since they are very durable and come in a variety of patterns and colors. Due to its several advantages, these tiles are growing in popularity among designers and homeowners. However, a lot of them don't know how to use it, where to use it, or which finish is best for particular room or area.

Let's look at some of the 800x1600mm slab tile finishes and their attributes which are the most functional and reliable for your residence.

5 Excellent Finishes Of 800x1600mm Slab Tiles

The finishes are all incredibly beautiful, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor floors. Let's explore each of them quickly.


Matte Finish 800x1600mm Slab Tiles

The first option on our list of 800x1600mm slab tiles finishes is matt finish. Matt finish slab tiles have continuously been in demand whenever it relates to flooring because of the many advantages they offer. This type of finish slab tile is the best choice for adding a classic and natural feel to the room. The matte finish is a timeless style in tiles because of its striking and understated appearance. This slab tile has excellent anti-skid properties, is lighter, and is scratch-resistant.

As it produces an attractive appearance, the living room is a better place for it. You can anticipate a number of advantages when choosing matte finish 800x1600mm slab tiles for flooring, including a longer life expectancy, a stunning aesthetic, compliance with the settings, etc.


Glossy Finish 800x1600mm Slab Tiles

Glossy finish 800x1600mm slab tiles are a great option for both residential and business spaces. This slab tile smoothes out the region and makes it more peaceful. Also, They will be appealing to those who wish to spice things up a bit without going overboard. Slab tiles with a glossy finish are resistant to stains and scratches. In fact, the tile won't be harmed if someone tries to scrape this with a blade. These tiles are reasonably priced and won't break the buyer's bank.


High Glossy Finish 800x1600mm Slab Tiles

The high gloss finishes 800x1600mm slab tiles are the best option if you would like to make the space look bigger and lighter as it has a powerful enamel coating that catches the most sunlight and gives your room a shiny, expansive appearance. If you ever want to establish a contrast design with several finishes, you can use it on accent walls. These 800x1600mm slab tiles with high gloss make cleaning very simple. It may be readily made shiny and maintained with a clean cloth, warm water, and liquid. Additionally, it gives the room a rich, lively appearance.


Stone Look 800x1600mm Slab Tiles

The stone look finishes 800x1600mm slab tiles are the ideal substitute if you desire stone flooring but don't have the budget. Such slab tiles work great as indoor and outdoor flooring and are a great alternative to natural stones. Furthermore, it would be challenging to differentiate it from actual stone flooring because they are designed and printed so precisely.

Your living area will seem sophisticated and natural thanks to the stone look 800x1600mm slab tiles. It creates a sturdy living room and gives your flooring a real stone look. Also, Stone look slab tiles are extremely strong in terms of their physical characteristics and resistant to heat, stains and scratches.


Wooden Finish 800x1600mm slab tiles

The best approach to give the room a natural, elegant, and posh appearance is with wooden finish 800x1600mm slab tiles. It is perfect for parts of the house like the living room and the doorway since it offers a variety of advantages like wear-tear and moisture protection. Slab tiles with a wooden finish give your living space a unique touch and make it stand out from the rest. Slab tiles with a wood finish can withstand changing weather conditions. These slab tiles blend well with interior decor and can be used with any style.

This concludes the list of the best 5 finishes for 800x1600mm slab tiles, which are frequently used in homes and commercial spaces and provide appeal with their varied patterns and designs. Each of the five finishes is distinctive in its own way and can provide a magnificent look to the area in which it is installed. All of these finishes are cost-effective and durable.

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