one piece closet vs two piece closet,which is better

So, when it comes to toilets, you have two alternatives: a one piece closet or a two piece closet. As a homeowner beginning on a bathroom renovation, you should grasp the difference between one piece closet and two piece closet.

So in this blog, We'll explain the differences between one-piece and two-piece toilets so you can determine which is best for your space.

What is a One Piece Closet?

A one-piece closet is a type of toilet in which the tanks or cistern is directly attached with a bowl. It is designed as a single component, as the name indicates. This enables a sleeker appearance and a more compact height. It is usual for manufacturers to provide the same toilet design in both a one piece and a two piece closet model.

One piece closet provides easy cleaning, simple installation, and features like auto flushing and water-saving. It is often lower to the ground, which is advantageous for children.

What are the Benefits Of One Piece Closet?

The following are some of the advantages of a one piece closet:



In terms of durability, a one piece closet offers a modest advantage. A two piece toilet's connection between the tank and bowl may crack over time. But in one piece closet, If one of the two sections is damaged badly, both components will have to be replaced. However, the closet is molded in one piece, so there is less chance of breakage between the connections. With careful maintenance, this closet toilet may endure for several years before needing to be replaced.



A one piece closet is unquestionably easier to install than a two piece closet. Because in this toilet, both the tank and the bowl are connected, so there is no need to install both separately. In addition, it takes up less space after installation than other closets. So It is useful to build a toilet in small space.



A one piece closet is much easier to clean than a two piece closet. Because a one piece closet does not have a space between the tank and bowl, which can be practically unreachable for bacteria and germs to develop. It is also simpler to access particular parts since they are lower to the floor.



When we talk about functionality, we are referring to the flushing power. The one piece closet and the two piece flush system are not the same things. Both have distinct tank capacities that aid in flushing.



A one piece closet may be regarded as sleeker and more modern. They are considered to be more sophisticated and glamorous,whereas two piece closets are perceived to be more traditional. The bowl and the tank are molded together so that there is no space between them, providing a consistently smooth surface. Most one-piece closets are skirted down to cover the tramway, giving them a very attractive appearance.


Low Maintenance

One of the reasons for one piece closet popularity is their cheap upkeep. The molded design of the toilet makes it easier to clean since there is less space for germs to develop. It features no joints and is made of a single continuous piece of ceramic, which is commonly considered to be an advantage.

What is a Two Piece Closet?

The bowl and tank of a two piece closet are distinct but connected units. It is made up of two parts: a tank and a bowl. This type of toilet comes in a range of heights and forms, so it has been used for a long time and more extensively. Similarly, tanks and shells can be combined and tend to be more affordable than the one-piece model.Like the one-piece toilet, the two-piece model also has flushing and water-saving options.

What are the Benefits Of a Two-Piece Closet?

Some of the benefits of a two piece closet are as follows:


Easy to Replace

Two piece closet toilets may be separated and carried separately because they come in two sections. Two piece closets are lighter than one piece closets and are easier to replace inside a space. It offers certain dimension and weight advantages, which improve installation. Also, we can easily move it from one place to another, as it can be divided into distinct parts.


Size and Weight

This toilet has two separate components so that its weight is divided into two parts which makes it easy to install or move. Being higher off the ground than a one-piece closet, two-piece toilets may be preferable for adults or the elderly.


Flushing Power and Efficiency

Two piece closets are offered with a variety of flushing technologies, ranging from flappers to towers. There are also low-flow variants available, which consume as little as 2.5 liters of water every flush. The flushing power in such a closet is really good since it contains two types of tanks that may enhance or reduce the flushing.This is an honest comparison of a one piece closet against a two piece closet. As we can see, one piece closets have the advantage in the majority of the attributes. So, if you ask us, we would recommend a one-piece closet rather than a two piece closet. Because it is better than a two piece closet in terms of installation, cleaning, and appearance.

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