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For the last ten years, ATTICO has won the hearts of millions of customers who value fine home decorating and have outstanding taste in art. Innovativeness, dependability, usability, fashion, design, and durability are the hallmarks of our brand and products. We have been able to invade a special space in the hearts and homes of our millions of customers thanks to their support and trust.

We offer a wide range of products, advanced technology, and a large production capacity. We offer Decorative Wall Tiles, Elevation Wall Tiles, Outdoor Parking Tiles, 2x2 Floor Tiles, 800x1600mm Slab Tiles. We also offer other products like One-Piece Closet and Wall-Hung Closets under our exclusive sanitaryware range.

We take pleasure in being a motivating factor through our research and development to introduce a variety of new innovative products to the market that is followed by all contemporaries to establish a Trend. We exclusively employ the most cutting-edge technologies in our design and production processes. This has strengthened our position as the market's most inventive and leading producers of sanitaryware and tiles.


Beginning Of A New Era Of 5D Technology






Our Products

Attico is a manufacturer of tiles & sanitary wares products that offers its consumers a wide range of high-quality products. Such as double bowl kitchen sink, elevation wall tiles, 2x2 floor tiles, 800x1600mm slab tiles, outdoor parking tiles, and all kinds of bath and sanitaryware. We exclusively employ the most cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques, from design to production. This sanitary item of ours is well-liked throughout India and is supplied in the majority of the country's states.

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Chemically Resistant

Dust Proof


High Durability

Scratch Resistant

Water Proof

Technical Specification

Space Saving

A wall-hung WC takes up less room than a conventional WC, and the concealed installation offers flexibility in confined spaces. The range of compact WCs have shorter projection, saving even more space.

Water Saving

Our WCs have a special bowl structure and are specifically designed to flush with both lower (2.5/4 litre) and typical (3/6 litre) water volumes.


A simple, elegant installation system for use with wall-hung WCs. The fixings are hidden from sight by the use of internal ABS sleeves, creating a clean, smooth design.

Rim-less Technology

Offering effortless cleaning and innovative, hygienic design. Home Decor's rimless WC pan eliminates the areas where germs gather and multiply, giving a superior level of hygiene.

Our Achievements

Attico has been adding to the prestige of Quality-Product coverings world-wide, and is constantly demonstrating its commitment to the creation of ceramics with high technical and stylistic value characterised by leading-edge design of an excellence reflected by international prices and Values.

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